Free from Descent

The view was framed by flat white illuminated by a diffused LEDs. The aperture appeared as a wallpaper centered on the wall, dimensionless in depth though the space beyond stretches toward effective infinity. The designers didn’t want the frame for this view, attempting to make the expanse a room-sized diorama, but the engineers could not counter the pressure difference between the interior and exterior without this bezel-like frame.

The group mingled near the view, though the space was large enough to hold three times the number, comfortably. Thus, twenty or so people conversed over light appetizers and wine, plenty of wine. Although the majority of the group were facing the incredible vista, nobody seemed to have anything to say about it, instead they talked about their coworkers and attempted witty interjections. The surrounding walls were white with patterned reveals that alluded to the technology and objectives the group were all a part. The ample doors were opposite the view, mirroring the aperture with a lintel and kick plate to rhyme with the surrounding frame.

The ceiling matched the walls without trim to transition, tying the surfaces together like a wrapping paper. The floor on the other hand was a continuous and consistent gun gray, low pile standard found in any value oriented but professional office space.

Although the group was making plenty of noise with its conversation and laughter, the designers were spot-on with the acoustical design, allowing dead voids to bridge the staccato noise.


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