Free Writing

There were only three left in the bowl, and each was going to need to be taken. Which was to be first? Two were bold and great, and the third was small and exquisite. Such fine ornament and detailing on this one. Such rich color. By comparison, the two larger were simple and modern with blocks of color, and it is so surprising that the three came from the same place.

So, we will keep the small one, at least for a little while. Yes, the aqua blue, rounded one is the choice. The effect was almost instantaneous: great winds across wooded channels, set between mountain forms. The air smells like evergreen, and the water looks like the intro to a video game. Such freedom and a sense of peace that was not there before. Continuing to soar, the space begins to blur with the increase in time. The swooping flight starts to resemble a gray cloudy scape with definition and modeling here, but a lack of depth there. Landed.

The room looks different than minutes before, and some of the feelings and senses have seemingly traveled back to accent the space, or was it always here like this? Have I changed? Has the space changed?


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