The fa├žade shows like a block standing as tall as the neighbor’s maple trees, two stories in the air with a white trimmed gabled roof end facing the street. The newly installed black asphalt shingles stretch out beyond the roof rake. A stone base lifts the clapboard building up above the balding fescue yard and juniper transition. The field of gray horizontal bands of siding is a field spotted with three white trimmed windows and a door–two small double-hung windows with six light sashes on the upper floor, like gridded eyes, and a big eight light picture window on the first floor, like a mouth agape.

To the left of this face, a one story sunroom holds onto the mass of the main structure. The gray clapboard rises to waist height above the stone block base, capped with a concrete slab, sides exposed like a blank frieze. Above the wooden siding, a glass band wraps the small wing, with a single door, stairs, and landing to invite those in from the side yard. The sunroom’s roof is like a mistake–a simple, sloped shed roof that rises like a hill in the prairie, with the shallowest slope. This roof is rolled roofing that extends like that of the main structure beyond a band of white trim.


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