I believe it is important for writing to support my architecture, and so the writing will be about some facet of this. I have a great deal of time invested in the relationship of preposition to space, but there is also my research into design and the senses. For fun, I have two ideas for fiction: one mystery about the burning of a historical structure and one describing a building, most likely a home. Although it is easy to see the mystery having some success, the fictional story describing a structure, through the eyes of an architect could provide some insight for me and for others. So many options! Spread myself thin with multiple projects at once or do one at a time? Experience tells me one at a time. I think doing one non-fiction and one fiction at a time could be viable for someone like me, with so many interests, but it isn’t the path to success. Well, this medium is about writing. Let’s focus on the writing: an essay or two about the relationship of preposition to space is fine, but maybe I should focus on the story focusing on a building. Okay, so be it. I think a lot of it will be about a structure or two I know. Hemingway said to write about what you know!


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