External and Internal

The areas where I believe I am strongest, architecture, engineering, writing, and art, have an external and an internal effect, as I head toward some level of self actualization. In architecture and engineering, I can shape buildings and cities to combat climate change and its impact, while creating designs that are clever and pleasing to me. In writing and art, I can provide another perspective on the built and natural environments, while growing and exploring the realm of text and form.

For most of my life, architecture has been my center, and maybe it still will be through the use of the other areas. What is it about architecture that I love? I am pretty sure it is the control and shaping of space, the directing of views and attention, as well as the basic utilitarian aspects. Well, maybe not so much the utilitarian aspects, as I have found the more common buildings grating or boring. Have I lost my mojo? I don’t think so. Instead, I am pretty sure it is that I would like to do something more impactful and creative. This could be the time that the other areas mentioned above come into play. I really would like to write a book–more about that in the next post?


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