Design & Senses Bibliography from ChatGPT

Here is a list of books and periodicals that explore the senses and their relationship to art and design:


  1. “The Senses: Design Beyond Vision” by Ellen Lupton
  2. “Sensory Design” by Sanne Krogh Groth
  3. “Sensory Experience in the Age of Innovation” edited by Jane Fulton Suri and Dan Hill
  4. “The Power of the Senses: How to Use Multisensory Design to Engage the Five Senses and Create Memorable Experiences” by David Lewis
  5. “Aromatherapy: Scent and Psyche” by Peter Damian
  6. “The Multisensory Museum: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Touch, Sound, Smell, Memory, and Space” edited by Nina Simon
  7. “The Senses in Art and Architecture” edited by Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar


  1. “Journal of Sensory Studies”
  2. “Sensory Marketing”
  3. “Designing for the Senses: A Multi-Sensory Approach to Shaping User Experience” edited by Helene Balicki and Sergios Theodoridis
  4. “Multisensory Rooms: Design and Research Perspectives” edited by Nick Lusher and Edith Law
  5. “Sensory Cities: Embodied Experiences and Design” edited by Jochen Jaeger and Michael Petrick.

These books and periodicals delve into the subject of the senses and their role in art, design, and experiences. They cover topics such as sensory design, multisensory experiences, the role of scent, touch, sound, and other senses in shaping our experiences, and the role of sensory design in creating memorable experiences. These resources provide valuable insights and information for those interested in the connection between the senses and design.


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